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General or Specific? Broad Vision or a Customer?

When drafting a product roadmap, the tension between the vision and the specific customers often comes into play.  Founders and product leaders love to talk about the grand vision and seeing the future from the beginning.  From my experience the grand vision was a product of analysis of many individual customers. I have seen many failed product teams who were afraid to focus on any specific customer.  They didn’t want to overoptimize the product for too small of a customer base and become a consulting company.  It is true that there is a danger where one large customer is hijacking your roadmap and you start getting so deep into features or special built integrations that you fail to build a mass market product.  More often the “visionary” product has no grounding.  The teams that can’t waste their time digging deep with their early adopters miss the opportunity and never build anything useful for anyone. When we launched DocuSign API , we had 3 (three) customers who had access to a pr