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Career Roadmap

I went through most of my career without a roadmap.  I got lucky because a lot of the things worked out: some of it was accidental, some of it was great mentorship.  Some of it were setbacks that I could have probably avoided.  Over 24 years of doing software development I have accumulated a few lessons I can share with engineers that are embarking on this journey.  The number one lesson: find a mentor who can help you craft a roadmap. If you are not being strategic about your career, you might waste years bouncing around or stuck in an unhappy place.  Being strategic about your career helps you know when you are making steps that will add up to something. Blog posts or books can’t guide you through this journey.  I would recommend getting a career coach or a mentor who can help you evaluate and steer. I did want to share a document that can help you get started with that conversation.  You can’t get someone to help you unless you can figure out where you want to go.  The document belo