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What to do about being tracked online?

Advertisers have been talking about the improvement in ad targeting and how it benefits everyone, yet consumers ask not to be tracked.  In real life we appreciate it when someone pays attention and tailors their messaging to us, why not online?  Can something be done to fix it? We get profiled in real life all the time.  Some of that is welcome, some of it is not and some of it is illegal.  A lot of the profiling is due to our conscious choice.  Those who drive a Ferrari know that people perceive them differently than those who drive a Prius.   What is broken in online tracking is that the user has no clue and no control over how they are being tracked.  A few years ago a friend of mine sent me a link to check out a dress from one of the new fashion designers. The designer had a very edgy name.  Later in the week I was doing a demo to a customer in the same browser and had a big banner on the side of a young woman in a revealing dress with a raunchy tagline.  I felt out of