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Don’t get Suckered into Someone else’s “Platform” Scorecard

I’ve been doing Web Services, API and Integration with Partners since 2000. The field has grown considerably from being niche to being on top of corporate scorecards.  C-level executives are now pushing their product and business development teams to “become a platform”, “create an ecosystem of partners and apps” and “leverage the community.” Majority of the time the request to integrate and be in someone else’s ecosystem doesn’t serve anyone any good.  For a startup that needs to maintain its focus and has limited resources the implications can be disastrous. Usually these requests come around a launch of a new API or a marketplace.  Some company comes to you and says: “hey we were thinking it would be great for you to integrate with our API, or support our marketplace.” They claim that the integration is going to take a few days or hours and that in return you are going to be featured in their marketplace or displayed on stage at their conference.  In a case of a big company fo