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Focus the Agile Standup Conversation

Over the past month I had a pleasure of working closer with a team that had a bit of a problem completing everything in their 2 week sprint plans.  Together we introduced a change into how we were doing standups and the same 4 engineers started getting more predictable results and higher throughput.  If you are not already doing these practices they might help your scrum team too. In order to show you the results of the change I wanted to show you some data.  Below is a chart of the completion rate of each sprint over the last several months: This is a total number of work done as measured in scrum points. As you can see the performance improved in both the total output and predictability.  Here are the four changes we introduced in our standups: #1 Use the board The first thing we changed was focusing on the scrum board. The team used to meet in an area without a screen or a whiteboard.  They sat around their desks without getting a visual sense of the sprint backlog and