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Simplify your life & business with DocuSign for Google

If you are using Google Drive and GMail check out what my team has built.  It's a great productivity hack for you!

Give dialogs a modern look

I’ve been playing around with, which is an excellent “mobile backend” framework.  It gives you an easy way to use database, user management, and some UI to get you started on all the major mobile devices.  As with all the frameworks that do a lot, it gets tricky when you need things to look or act differently than what you get “out of the box.”  I am going to share some customizations I have made to introduce a flat UI look (Fig 1) instead of the dark brushed metal look (Fig 2). 1. Before we begin,  follow the iOS guide to get the basic setup: . 2. In order to do major customizations the UI for Login or Signup dialog you need to subclass the standard classes. has a tutorial on how to do that here: . 3. If your app requires login in the viewDidLoad method of the first view you will need to see if there is an active user and display the login dialog if there