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TestFlight and the Importance of a Private Beta

The most important thing about the product is making sure it addresses the customer need.  I wanted to share my experience with one tool that made it easy to distribute and get feedback for an iOS app.  You should use this or similar tools for your application or you will run a risk of shipping a dud. You can have the best architecture, you can have the sleekest styles and the coolest user interface, but if you can’t get the users to use your app – it’s not worth much.  To minimize the risk of shipping a dud because of wrong features or system incompatibility I highly recommend that you conduct a private beta using a tool like TestFlight .  If you are building an iOS app, TestFlight allows you to upload a build of your app and then invite your beta testers to try the app out. The first thing to do is to sign up for a TestFlight account.  Once you have set up an account you can start inviting members of your team. When your team joins you can gather their device identifiers

SDET / QA Engineer Interview Checklist

After interviewing and hiring hundreds of engineers over the past 12+  years I have come up with a few checklists.  I wanted to share one of those with you so you could conduct comprehensive interviews of QA Engineers for your team. I use this checklist when I review incoming resumes and during the interview.  It keeps me from missing areas that ensure a good team and technology fit.  I hope you make good use of them.  If you think there are good questions or topics that I have missed - get in touch with me! SDE/T or QA Engineer interview checklist from Mike Borozdin If you like this checklist you might want to check out these posts: Emotional Intelligence in Software Teams   and  Good-bye manual tester, hello crowdsourcing!