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Stop Whining About Interviews and Fix them, yourself

In this day and age of tech talent shortage a week doesn’t go by without someone complaining about a “dumb interview” or “I will never work for these guys because of the interview” rant.  If you are an outsider in the tech industry you might think that engineers are subjected to some kind of hazing to make it into the “brogramming fraternity.” The truth is actually far from it. I will help you change your mindset in a way that will fix your next interview and make it a very pleasant one. Here is the biggest issue that almost all of the engineers have when they are going to interview with a company: they think that interviewing is similar to passing a test.  It is not like passing a test.  It’s a bi-directional exchange of information.  When you take a day or an afternoon to interview with a company you need to figure out whether or not the team and you are a good fit for each other. Now that you are armed with this profound knowledge (kidding) you should be absolutely fearless no

Find me at Silicon Valley Code Camp this Saturday 10/5/2013

I will share my experience with Developer Communities and APIs in this session: The session is at 11:15AM on Saturday. Session Brief: DocuSign has had an API for close to 7 years over this time we have created five version fo our API. Over time we realized that it was not about SOAP vs REST - it was about making things accessible to the right audience. In this session you will learn what choices we made and how they captured various audiences