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The biggest issue for software schedules

Every time you create a program you are creating something new with new challenges, tools and requirements.  At the same time business requires schedules and costs to figure out how to bring a product to the customers. Scheduling and estimates is a never-ending topic in software. Different estimation techniques have been employed over time.  From a simple one like “take whatever engineer tells you and multiply it by two” to Scrum points and velocity calculations. My team spends about an hour after every sprint doing a “Sprint Review” meeting where we discuss things that accelerated progress or derailed our plans.  The finding of what has screwed up the schedules the most has been quite surprising to me. I was expecting that it would be one of the usual suspects such as “engineers are naturally optimistic” or  “no one anticipates the level of detail”, however the most common source of delays have been… waiting on dependencies!  Engineers might have been absolutely correct abou