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DocuSign eSignature REST API - It’s lightning fast

We are happy to announce the launch of our new eSignature REST API. This API makes connecting with our eSignature Transaction Management platform faster and easier for customers and partners. Organizations leveraging this API can offer eSignature convenience for existing or new business processes in just hours of development time instead of weeks. DocuSign's eSignature REST API is built to be open and extensible, and was developed in collaboration with a number of the world’s leading cloud-based companies, including Appirio, Box, Mashery, , and others Link to the blogpost:

Getting a Job Today

A few of my friends are looking for a job today.  They are not necessarily unemployed, but they have jobs that can’t be called a “career”.  For example, some have degrees and work as bartenders using almost nothing from college. At the same time I feel like it’s impossible to find great qualified people in the fast growing technology industry in San Francisco Bay.  The problem is of course that it’s very hard to hire someone with no experience.  Thankfully in todays connected world there are a bunch of ways that initial experience.  You just need to use the Internet and be flexible about what you do and how much you get paid. Just as a point of reference – when I got my first programming job in 1997 it paid only $7 an hour.  I knew that I wasn’t going to get hired for big money and being 17 I didn’t care.  It feels like today everyone wants “six digits” right away.  I am sorry folks, when you don’t have experience you are not going to be very useful.  You are probably going to ge