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Have you checked your Google Plus Page Lately?

I have not.  You probably have not either.  What happened?  After the initial big push, the redesign of Google’s online properties and everyone’s almost automatic enrollment in the service, it has fizzled. When I meet people in real life and I want to socially connect with them I don’t ask them if they have a Google Plus account.  Most of them have Facebook and use it. Google Plus has come out with Circles, which were really nice but it sort of stopped there.  Facebook in the meantime added some simple ways to protect your privacy.  It’s not as elaborate as the Google Plus Circles but enough to stop an average Joe from switching. In the meantime Facebook has also released subscriptions, dynamics lists, changed their UI around photos and that’s just the stuff we know. It sure looks like right now Facebook is moving a lot faster.  That paired up with already built in Social DNA and a massive lead leaves Google Plus in the dust.  What happens now?  I think Google Plus

My presentation at DreamForce 2011

DreamForce 2011 is over.  In few words - it was incredible.  There were thousands of attendees.  The energy was incredible at the show as well as at the after hours activities. I loved the Metallica show and the Appirio's party.  The fact that SF MOMA was open to attendees was a great benefit as well. I wanted to share the deck that I have used for my presentation in the developer theatre. Paperless business process with docu sign esignature v2 View more presentations from Mike Borozdin .