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Hiring: Technical Evangelist in San Francisco / Bay Area

Technical Evangelist DocuSign, Inc. San Francisco, CA, United States Full-Time A successful TE would be able to articulate the benefits of DocuSign service to a wide variety of audiences from CTO to an individual Software Engineer. Internally TE’s responsibility would be to influence DocuSign product strategy through knowledge of software vendors, system integrators and technological landscape. The position will be measured by: 1) DocuSign API and protocol adoption in the marketplace 2) DocuSign service awareness among outside software developers 3) Partner satisfaction 4) Revenue resulting from integrated solutions Position Requirements: 1) Self-direction and proven ability to identify technical trends. 2) Passion for learning new technologies in various technology stacks: Linux,, iPhone, Android and others. 3) Existing knowledge of how to create a solution in 2 or more of the technology stacks using various programming lang

Videos of my CloudStock and DreamForce presentations

Hi all! These are the two presentations I made at CloudStock and DreamForce. Thanks for everyone who attended!!! Integrating DocuSign eSignatures into Your Apps without Writing Code DocuSign is the global leader in electronic signature. DocuSign accelerates business processes by replacing slow, expensive paper transactions with fast, simple and complete digital solutions. We will show you how to use DocuSign for Salesforce and get the benefit of eSignatures and paperless processes without writing any code. API Basics to DocuSign-enable your App in 45 minutes Learn how to connect to DocuSign eSignatures from your application in this hands on session. We’ll walk you through a sample application that relies 100% on printing documents which will become 100% paperless!

Implementing Standard Protocols

I am writing this while waiting for the new version of XCode to download and install on my MacBook. This 3.5G install gives you time to run errands, grab coffee, or in my case - write a blog entry. I often spend time talking about new APIs with executives and engineering teams. Most of the time executives and engineering managers understand the value of a well-designed interface, but when it comes time to fully supporting some standard you get some resistance. Today I'd like to dissect my experience in trying to convince people to sign up for the work it takes to fully support a standard. 90% of the time an enhancement to the API happens because a customer comes in and has an issue that can't be solved with the current set of interfaces. Features creep in one by one and in general the default behavior is to add just enough to solve the problem at hand. From a cost perspective it also makes sense to avoid building things you don't need right away. In addition to th

New Years Resolutions 2011

These are the resolutions excluding the work related ones which are obviously secret: - learn how to dribble better in soccer - drop from 12% body fat to below 10% - do meditation classes at least once a month - go to a meditation retreat - take jiujitsu classes 2011 is going to be a GREAT YEAR. Let's go!