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Technology Predictions for 2011

There are a lot of predictions floating around for the new year. From what I read most of them are pretty much more of the same "This will be the year of the mobile and social networks" To that I say: "The year of mobile has happened" We have crossed the chasm and now more often than not you expect people to have a connected device and to be plugged into the social media network. It's a rarity that I find someone who doesn't have a Facebook profile. We need *real* new predictions! Here are the new things changing the way we live our life in 2011: 1) AppStore for your desktop I think the first thing is an easy prediction - desktop computers are going to start getting AppStores. We already know that Apple is working on one. I don't think Microsoft is going to be far behind. The new AppStore for Desktop is going to revolutionize curation, updates and billing for desktop applications and I expect the desktop innovation to spike up agai

One of my presentations at DreamForce - Partner ISV success

This is one of the presentations I did at DreamForce. My part starts about 37 minutes in. The theme of the panel was "Taking Your Software Business to the Cloud: The Insider's Guide to ISV Success"

Seattle Developer Meetup at the DocuSign headquarters!

Join us for a developer meetup at the Columbia Tower in Seattle, WA on December 15 starting at 6:00pm. This event lets you learn and explore the platform, as well as learn how to connect to DocuSign eSignatures from your You’ll also get a chance to meet our evangelists and tech experts. We'll supply food, drinks, free t-shirts and an opportunity for you to enter into a random drawing to win a Samsung Galaxy S Android Phone! More info/ Register here:

CloudStock Recap

Cloudstock was a very special event. I hope that puts one together next year. DocuSign team did extremely well. We have had several hundred conversations with cool developers and hosted three sessions on Cloud computing and the eSignature API. Several things that I thought were interesting: 1) It's amazing how many of the cloud developers have their sights on international solutions. I talked to a guy who was doing loan servicing in France. There was a group of consultants that were doing a supply agreement application for a Chinese partner. There were many other people who are taking their US based solutions world wide. This is great! 2) Mobile is entering enterprise computing. I talked to a developer who is doing a medical records system that will need to be rendered on the iPhone and iPad. Fields sales organizations are now getting connected to the cloud. The trend is undeniable. Overall there is another big shift that is happening - people are cr