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My take on Steve Job's war on Flash

I posted these thoughts on the tech media exchange listserv. Here is a copy of my opinion for the people who are not on that list: Apple is shooting themselves in the foot by being picky about the way things are built for their platform. Flash after all is just an interpreted language that happens to have great tools and a following. What if someone likes Ruby, Python or Java?? Apple is notorious for making the life of developers harder then it should be, in the end they end up losing mind share. Lesson from their last rise and fail - at a certain point you need to let go or forever be an appliance. They didn't want to let people develop native iPhone apps, but AppStore happened when they finally caved in. You'd think they would learn.... While I am an iPhone user I think sooner or later a combination of open source, tool flexibility and language choice is going to give room to another competitor. Wait it already has - enter Android.

Anniversary of Paperless Life

In less than a month it's going to be a year since I stopped storing paper. Last spring before my move from Madrona to Capitol Hill I did a bit of spring-cleaning. As I was cleaning out my closets and the attic I realized how much old and useless stuff I had. Some of my old tech toys ended up with my friends. Most of my old clothes ended up at Good Will. And then I started cleaning out my files. For a guy who has been on the bleeding edge of tech for a bit I had a surprising amount of old statements and receipts. Consolidated it was three full boxes. During my childhood my parents told me not to lose paper. I remember carefully storing and filing my bank statements “just in case something happened.” My car was hit in the late nineties and sure enough I had a full folder of papers for a car that was totaled a decade ago. I was torn: I had an emotional attachment to my old dusty paper, yet I was too lazy to move these boxes with me. I decided that I am going to go paperles

Calling all System Integrators and Independent Software Vendors!

Good day everyone! Over the years we have been very fortunate to grow a community of SIs and ISVs that utilize our web services. We now have a way for you to earn commission on the customers you send us! Become a DocuSign Partner! Who? Have you mastered the DocuSign API or built electronic signatures into your application? What? Become a DocuSign System Integrator or an official Independent Software Vendor. Why? Earn commission on the business you refer to us!