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One week on a Mac

It’s been a week since I’ve switched to the MacBook as my primary machine for work. For a long time Windows user (since the DOS days) and having worked at Microsoft for 5 years I would say that I am a Windows Super User. There is something in Windows that I don’t know but it ain’t much ☺. So after a week my productivity is still down. The coolness factor is up. I actually like taking my computer around with me again. It’s very light and it makes my DELL Latitude look and feel ancient. Positive emotions come from: - Spotlight which is absolutely awesome! - Installing/uninstalling applications is amazing. - Unix shell and all unix things installed. - Doc - Application management – I actually like the fact that you can see which applications are loaded and that closing a word document doesn’t quit word. - Super fast startup and shutdown time - Negative emotions: - Outlook is the best e-mailing and scheduling program ever. I miss it. - Not being on the Windows domain is an inhib