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First Public Beta of DS Pro is *DONE*

The last signature has gone on the sign off document.  The team is gathering early feedback on the product and everyone is starting to get a warm fuzzy feeling of accomplishment.  Releasing software is fun. To a certain degree it is always a gamble.  You are gambling that people will find your software useful.  You are gambling that you can achieve the quality customers expect.  You are gambling that you can provide the solutions for the problems scheduled by the sprint. At the time of shipping a lot of the stars need to align.  If I was to compare shipping software to something I would compare it to the game of football - absolutely everyone needs to play their position and know what other people are doing or the entire process doesn't work. Project Management needs to clear up the obstacles and take the paper work load off the technical staff.  Development needs to produce features and minimize bugs.  Quality Assurance needs to define the right test passes and run them to show

Windows Vista Review

Windows Vista Review Tuesday was the day after “Vista Launch.” Some people say that it’s good; some people say that it’s bad.  Whatever it is I think that most of my friends are most likely going to find their local software maven and ask for an unfiltered opinion. As some of you know as of June last year I am not longer engaged with Windows Division of Microsoft so I have absolutely no pride to defend with my review. How do I know?? Besides participating in the development and design of certain parts of Windows Vista I have installed the final version of it on my old home laptop to try it out.  The machine is an old Compaq Presario 2500 with the following specifications: Pentium 4 2.4 MHz, 1G RAM, 40G drive space. The highlights Search everywhere I personally have a lot of files and programs installed.  Unlike the regular user who might have just a browser and an office suite I have some financial software, development tools, various graphics tools and other things I find