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The weight loss

After a leisurely summer and switching jobs I have switched gyms.  From the old and pompous Pro Club I went to PureFitness which is on 2nd and Columbia.  As it usually happens I got an evaluation from a Personal Trainer.  It was a shocker!  He measured whole 18.5% body fat percentage which is border line obese. A lot of you might say that I am fine and I shouldn't be worried about this stuff.  My response to that is that fitness takes discipline all the time.  Once you are out of shape doing activities to get back into shape become boring and unsatisfying. I started working out with a lot more vigor and started seeing a little bit of results, but not enough to make me happy.  I needed to be at around 11-12% to feel good about myself.  My problem was food.  I ate whatever I wanted whenever I wanted and of course since one serving of fries negates about 40 minutes on a treadmill I was like a hamster running in a wheel. I had to take control of this problem, but I wasn't sure w