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I love my new job (Day 98 of being 26)

4th day at DocuSign. Inc. It's great. I love the dynamic environment of this company and Seattle downtown. My favorite things about my new job: I am close to the customers and partners so all the problems are real. Everything that we need to get done is adding or subtracting from our success - it's great. I am learning a bunch of new things about Web Services - one of the hottest technologies right now. Everyone is joking at almost every meeting. People are generally in a great mood. I love working downtown. The energy here is great. There is a ton of places to go eat lunch. There are actually people on the streets. My commute is 10-15 minutes! I have already made some contributions and people give me the benefit of the doubt right off the bet. I know the founder and he stops by my desk to say hello. I am making good money. I might be travelling to Texas to a customer site next week - I love travel!!!

Leaving Microsoft

Some of you might know this, some might not so here is the major announcement: I am leaving Microsoft. First of all I want to tell you what I am going to be doing next. I am going to be an Engagement Manager working for DocuSign, Inc. You can check out more about the company on this website: What exactly will my job entail? I will be managing projects which interface with DocuSign partners. It's going to be part professional services that DocuSign can bill for and part technical evangelism for other companies to use DocuSign technology. I will also be travelling mostly to New York, San Francisco, Texas and North Carolina. Why is this a step up for me when compared to my Microsoft gig? First because it's a position where I can utilize my customer facing skills as well as my technology skills. Secondly because I will be working with Tom Gonser an entrepreneur and a person I respect for being able to put together businesses. Thirdly it's because b